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Opening Remarks

On behalf of the Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations (AFDA), I am very much pleased to launch the official opening of
AFDA website in 2016.

This is a memorable year for dietitians in Asia, as it is the 25th anniversary of AFDA. AFDA was originally named as the Asian Forum of Dietetic Professionals (AFDP) in 1991, and decided to hold Asian Congress of Dietetics (ACD) every 4 years among member countries.

AFDA now consists of 11 full member plus 1 affiliated member associations. ACD has become the major event for scientific and practical interchange on dietetics in Asia.

In order to effectively communicate among member associations, a resolution was made to set up a website of AFDA during the 4th ACD held in Bangkok in 2010. We are grateful that Hong Kong Nutrition Association has taken over the task.

This website features our history, progress and updated activities. It will serve as a platform to link and network dietitians in Asia and the world.

I wish to thank all the persons responsible for bringing the birth of the website, and wish you enjoy the surfing.

Leh-Chii Chwang, DrPH, RD
Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations (AFDA)

September 19, 2016
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